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Quest is our engine of growth. With a team of experienced engineers who also have tremendous gaming exposure, we have over the years crafted a game development framework that is robust, expansive and highly efficient at building all kinds of fixed odd betting games (Slots, Table Games, Scratch card games, Bingo and Keno) for both online and land based gaming. In addition we have further expanded our services to other aspects of RGS’s and platforms.

Quest & Game Development

For online game clients Quest is based on H5 (Pixi). For games engines/services the framework supports Python, C# and Java. Quest supports game builds for most industry RGS's, Platform Features and Bonus tools. It supports Multi-language & Multi-currency. It’s compliant with 100% of online gaming regulations and Device support spanning the globe. For Landbased gaming we have the flexibility to use Unity and C++.

We have built over 500 games for the industry using Quest and over time have automated various aspects of game development, build an extensive library of game features which can be reused to improve efficiencies, its fine tuned for smooth game play and its proven since some of the top games in the Industry have been built using Quest.

We are metric driven and have used data to fine tune the effort required to build games and are proud to have the shortest game development life-cycles in the industry, at the highest levels of quality.

Engine/Service Development

We work with most RGS’s in the industry and build game Engines/Services (Implementation of math on the RGS’s) for most of our customers. We work with Python, C# and Java for engine builds and have process in place to securely manage our customers IP, frameworks to rapidly build high quality engines and stringent QA processes and tools to ensure zero defect.

Technical Services

We are working with numerous companies in the gaming industry, helping them with services related to development and smooth running of their RGS’s (Remote Gaming Servers).

Starting from Wallet Integrations to Dev Ops to Platform tools we can help extend your teams at Ingenuity there by giving you the benefit of the large scalable pool of skilled engineering resources in India and a cost advantage. Since we are industry experts, we can also help manage the teams and take responsibility for delivery.

We have built capabilities to build rappers, wallet integrations, Engine Development, feature and back office development for RGS’s as well as other Platform support.

We work with