Over the years, having worked with the top companies in gaming we have crafted our own "secret sauce" processes that are tailored to deliver high quality games on budget and on time, time after time. We are highly metric driven and the processes have been evolved based on data, measured improvements and customer feedback.

We use an Iterative process with full customer involvement to build the games. To ensure smooth communication we use Game design
documents and mood board to share ideas, then create options for concept symbol design including character illustrations. Once
approved we move to coloring the symbols, then back grounds, then animations and finally mockup’s with localized texts and finally
packaging the game as per the development specifications.

We have a team that comprises of experts in each area of game design. During the game development phase, our team of Game
Producers get involved to fine tune to games based on their experience and as per our customers vision. In the current
competitive landscape where operators launch 2-3 games a day, to maximize the chances of the games succeeding
it’s now not enough to just have games look good. They must play well too! Over all the art process
takes approximately 8 weeks.

We understand that to build successful games, the game producers and the development teams need to work closely together.
We have factored in a large amount of time for reviews and game fine tuning before it is signed off. Rough to build
complete games from
Start of development to Deliver take us 12-16 weeks on average. Complexity, Regulations, Languages do
impact the time frames.

We follow a stringent and comprehensive process of quality assurance and control in the organization. We physically test games
on all required devices, cover all forms of testing including integration and compliance testing. Our objective is first
cycle approvals of games by the platforms and test labs.

Once the game is delivered to our customer, they run a final set of tests and then submit the games for certification post which the
games go live. This process takes another 2-6 weeks.

Overall the entire lifecycle of the games from concept to live is roughly 6-8 months depending on complexity,
regulations and platform.